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First-Res Medical and Industrial PPE available through UniqueSourcing

UniqueSourcing, the Australian agent for First-Res – QPILtd, can provide a full range of Medical and Industrial PPE.

We have suppliers certified to US, Eu and AS/NZS standards for a wide range of Medical PPE, Industrial PPE and related products.

Most are available to ship direct to you from the factory warehouse, many can be customized to meet your specific needs.

Australian customers are welcome to contact Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd for pricing and logistics.

They can organize shipping and importation, or you can use your existing logistics network.

UniqueSourcing can best be contacted via:

UniqueSourcing Logo - UniqueSourcing.com.au - Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd
UniqueSourcing – UniqueSourcing.com.au – Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd



UniqueSourcing Logo – UniqueSourcing.com.au – Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd


First-Res, a division of Quality Products International Limited (QPILtd) is proud to announce that Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd (UniqueSourcing) will act as our agent in Australia.

UniqueSourcing is located in Perth, Western Australia and provides clients with the option of a local Australian contact should they feel that is beneficial.

UniqueSourcing can best be contacted via their website www.UniqueSourcing.com.au

UniqueSourcing Logo - UniqueSourcing.com.au - Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd
UniqueSourcing – UniqueSourcing.com.au – Unique Sourcing Pty Ltd
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Survey Reveals: Majority of Australians Support Mandatory Face Masks in Public Places

As part of the COVID-19 Monitor Australia, conducted by Vox Pop Labs in partnership with the ABC, Australians have been asked every week for more than three months whether they support mandatory mask rules.

Two-thirds of Australians think mask use should be mandatory in all public places, even though far fewer people outside hotspot states are themselves wearing face coverings.

Victoria is the only state that has implemented compulsory mask rules, but authorities are recommending they be worn in hotspot areas in Sydney and Brisbane too.

First-res face mask rules

Coronavirus Update: Countries Are Extending the Rules. You Might Have To Wear Face Masks Outdoors.

Cases are ticking upwards in parts of Europe and the Americas are still battling to contain vast Covid-19 outbreaks.

The second wave of infections are starting to be felt, some governments are reaching for a new tool that many public health experts have been touting for months: stricter mask mandates.

In recent days, masks have become mandatory in all public spaces — indoors or outdoors — in Madrid, Greece, Portugal’s Madeira Islands and Hong Kong.

first-res PM Scott Morrison

Coronavirus Update: PM Scott Morrison Speaks To Victorian Premier Over The Second Wave

Prime Minister Scott Morrison has spoken to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews to discuss necessary support during the state’s second wave of COVID-19.

Scott Morrison says the response to the second wave of Covid-19 infections cannot be shutting the country down to try to eliminate the virus, and he’s moved to reassure people his government will not be withdrawing income support “for those in need”.


Trump urges people to wear face masks

After many months of mixed messages around masks, President Trump has urged people to wear face masks.

After months of refusing to wear a mask in public, Trump finally did so on 11 July and has since claimed it is patriotic. “We’re asking everybody that when you are not able to socially distance, wear a mask,” he said. “Get a mask, whether you like the mask or not, they have an impact. They’ll have an effect, and we need everything we can get.”

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Facemasks May Be Law In UK Stores Until A Coronavirus Vaccine Is Found

The secretary for Health in the UK, Matt Hancock, has indicated the law, making face masks mandatory in UK stores may stay in force until a vaccine is found for novel coronavirus (COVID-19).

“I expect that this law will be in place for the foreseeable future,” the health secretary said on Wednesday morning.

Asked by BBC Radio 4′s Today programme if that meant it could remain until next summer, Hancock said: “Well let’s see how well we do on getting a vaccine.”

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first-res Coronavirus Conspiracy

Coronavirus Conspiracy Theory Warning Of ‘Imminent Danger’ Dropped Into Letterboxes In Canberra

ACT Health Minister Rachel Stephen-Smith has condemned a letter dropped into Canberra letterboxes falsely claiming coronavirus testing clinics pose an “imminent danger”. 

The flyer, titled an “Important Covid-19 Health Warning”, falsely warned that 30 percent of people who went to a testing site have contracted the virus during the testing process.

first-res Perth Stadium

Coronavirus Update: Perth Set To Host 30,000 Fans Easing Coronavirus Curbs

Australia’s most isolated city will become the spectator capital of the world on Sunday when 30,000 fans descend upon Perth Stadium as Australian Rules football resumes in the country’s west amid easing COVID-19 restrictions.

Neesham said talent will only take teams so far this season given the upheaval and off-field distractions.
“Mental strength would be a critical factor in this current environment,” he added. “It’ll be a deserved winner at the very end.”