• 01. Do you need PPE?
  • Do you need PPE?, Consumables and Equipment for Medical Staff and First Responders?

    Do you have challenges getting the PPE supplies you need?

    – Are you finding prices and lead times are escalating out of control?

    – Are you concerned about buying substandard or uncertified PPE from Asia?

    – Would you like a professional supply partner with an extensive Asian supply network to assist with filing your supply gaps?

    If you answered “yes” to one or more of the above, we believe we can assist you.

    First-Res can supply a wide range of PPE from pre-vetted suppliers who have established expertise in manufacturing the relevant products before the Novel Corona Virus outbreak late 2019 – early 2020.


  • 02. Our Skills and Expertise Makes your Procurement Easier
  • Our Skills and Expertise Makes your Procurement Easier

    First-Res, provides a wide range of PPE, Medical Consumables and Equipment for First Responders and Medical Teams easily, cost effectively and competently.

    QPI’s production and procurement heritage spans more than half a century of product development and manufacturing in Asia.

    50 Years+ Production in Asia

    QPILtd and First-Res (a division of QPILtd) have their roots in the production of Floaties Learn to Swim Products.

    Klaus Maertin, a German immigrant to Australia established a sign manufacturing company on the northern beaches of Sydney in 1960.

    As he started a family he recognized the need for something to give children more confidence while being introduced to swimming.

    Thus Floaties was born, becoming a central part of Australia’s famous swim culture and a generic name for “armbands” the world over.

    Initial Floaties production was in Sydney, however, mass production was soon moved to Asia. Frist to Taiwan, later expanding to China and Malaysia.

    During the 1960’s production in Asia was challenging. Constant vigilance was needed with quality control around all aspects of raw material, production and product testing.

    The strict attention to detail made Floaties a hallmark of quality and reliability. Floaties were backed by an unconditional money back guarantee, at a time when “the norm” was for inflatable products to be very unreliable.

    QPILtd spun off from the family business, manufacturing OEM products and developing a wider range of products in the Floaties range.

    First Responders, Medical Facilities, and Wholesales can now order directly from First-Res, benefiting from that 50+ years of Asian manufacturing, product development and quality control.


    If you have well-defined requirements, we can normally quote product to your exact specification.

    Where necessary or appropriate we can recommend suitable specifications for the particular product and application. Depending on your requirements, we may be able to recommend alternatives for consideration.


    We can happily provide a firm detailed quote, even if only to compare against your existing supply chain.
    If you have confirmed specifications, we can quote to those or several variations.

    If you are simply looking for ideas, we can recommended specification/s best suited to your specific need/s.

    Quotes include any and all tooling or set up charges (where needed), competitive unit prices and firm lead time for pre-production samples and mass production.


    Where generic or “stock samples” are available, they can often be sent as a reference for further ideas and discussion about product development or variations.

    If you need to develop new or customized product to your specific needs, Pre-production samples of your final product can be made to your exact specification as part the product development phase, or for confirmation and approval prior to mass production.

  • 03. Mass Production – Your Current Needs Built on 50+ Years Experience
  • Mass Production – Your Current Needs Built on 50+ Years Experience

    As a division of QPILtd, First-Res draws on a heritage of 50+ years experience, manufacturing in Asia and over a decade of having an office in Mainland China.

    QPI has established production relationships with an extensive library of factories and raw material suppliers across Asia, some for over 20 years, going into second generation of factory management.


    All new supply partners are vetted to confirm their manufacturing capabilities, quality standards and ethical trade credentials.


    Your products are inspected by our QPILtd inspection team. Each inspector has specialist experience in the specific manufacturing disciplines relevant to your merchandise. QPI conduct both During Production (Dupro) and Final / Pre Shipment (PSI) Inspections.

  • 04. Shipping
  • Shipping

    Our shipping department can work in with your requirements. Most clients have an established FOB shipping process in place with local forwarders who arrange customer clearance, etc.

    We can liaise with the Asian office of your freight forwarder or consolidator.

    If necessary, we can arrange consolidation, shipping, customs clearance, and local transport directly to your warehouse.

  • 05. Warehouse
  • Warehouse

    Clients typically have the product shipped to their local warehouse for distribution through the existing channels. Where additional support is needed with warehousing in, or distribution directly from Asia we can assist in many cases.


    The best way to see how we can help you is to contact us with a quote request for an upcoming procurement project. Click here to go to contact us form. Click here to go to Product Wish List – Quote Request form.