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What Kind of FaceMask Will Protect You From Coronavirus

Wearing a mask used to be something Australians saw on television or holidays abroad, but now it could save your life or someone else’s.

So, it’s important to get it right and it turns out some of the advice we’ve been given could give us a dangerously false sense of security, especially if you don’t know you’re sick.

So, the question here is which mask will best protect you and which will protect the community from unknowing carriers of COVID-19?

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Trump Wears A Face Mask In Public For The First Time

Wearing masks in public is obligatory in many parts of the world during any health crisis, let alone a pandemic, however, is resistance around in other places.

Despite the clear scientific and medical evidence around the benefits, some political leaders insist it should be a personal choice.

President Trump on Saturday wore a dark mask affixed with the presidential seal in public for the first time, after repeated urging from aides that it was a necessary message to send to Americans resistant to covering their faces.