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So Is it Time to Ease the COVID-19 Restrictions

According to ACT certain restrictions on sporting activities will be lifted in Canberra in the coming weekend. Restrictions will be eased for outdoor sports only.

Non-contact sports training will be allowed from Friday midnight with a maximum of 10 people allowed to train together.

Restrictions will also be lifted from pools, tennis courts, and fitness groups so long as they comply with the 10 person rule.

Participants in sports grounds will be required to maintain a distance of 1.5m between each other.

To limit contact between people, the ACT government has given a tag line “Get in, Train, and Get out.”

Based on the success of the easing of restrictions during this phase, further restrictions may be eased in the coming months.

It has been emphasized that while resuming physical activity, the community is expected to follow the required guidelines to minimize the risk of COVID transmission.

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